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Virtual/Metaverse Events ● Hybrid Events ● Location Streaming

Seamless end-to-end livestream solutions tailored for a diverse range of projects, from intimate gatherings to grand productions. Our comprehensive services encompass pre-production planning, installation of top-tier equipment and robust backup systems, content production and live operation managed by seasoned and knowledgeable streaming teams.

Installations ● Event Audio Production ● Projection

We stay attuned to the constantly evolving world of AV technologies to offer clients the highest quality services and maximum value-add, along with bespoke creative solutions for event and installation projects.

Podcast & Video Production ● Event Recording ● Visuals

We believe that streaming or recording an event should not compromise the experience of in-person attendees and specialize in 'stealthy' event capture that results in beautiful content ready for publication online. Our content services extend to generative visuals that sync with live music and end-to-end podcast production.

Stage & Show Management ● Technical Production ● Production Crew

Well-run stages are absolutely crucial to the success of any festival or conference. With a wealth of experience in stage production across a wide range of formats, Nadanta can provide the people, knowledge, and experience to navigate even the most challenging schedules, ensuring the smooth coordination of talent, technical aspects, and logistics.

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