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the story:

Nadanta is best described as a full-range audio-visual consultancy and crew network.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, with global reach, Nadanta aims to serve independent creators, venues, and entrepreneurs with high-end content, streaming, event, and production management services.

Established in 2023 by James Younger, following a decade dedicated to live production roles—managing club shows and installations, VJing, producing livestreams, running festival stages, and a spell working in Web3.

Our recently established podcast studio, perfectly situated in the heart of Ouseburn, Newcastle, is loaded with high-end audio, camera, video, and streaming equipment and completed with an editing suite so we can develop and produce the highest quality content.

Nadanta - A Sanskrit word meaning: 'the point at which sound turns into pure energy...the cosmic dance of creation... 

an incarnation of Shiva and the god of dramatic arts'

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